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AME Day - April 20 Annually

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Day: a day of recognition, that recognizes the efforts of aviation maintenance professionals as well as the achievements of Robert McCombie, the first Air Engineer in Canada.


The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Canada (AMEC/TEAC) and its 6 Regional Associations would like to encourage recognition of an Annual AME Day! 

What YOU Can Do

On April 20 each and every year, we would like to encourage Industry companies that employ Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) to celebrate AMEs across Canada and their incredible efforts. 

As we all know, without AMEs, pilots cannot fly the aircraft. 

Let's all spread the word that every April 20th we should celebrate Canada's AMEs! 

Why April 20th?
You may know of another topic that some people celebrate on April 20th but that is not what we are referring to.

On April 20th, AMEs celebrate Robert McCombie, who was the recipient of the very first Air Engineer License on April 20, 1920.

The date was established by a poll that was circulated to current Members of the 6 Regional AME Associations in 2022. The results of this poll may be seen to on this page (see "Proposed Date Poll" in the left column).

Please encourage your employer to celebrate AMEs on April 20 each and every year!

Please feel free to send any pictures of YOUR AME Day celebrations by sending the pics to: and we will post them to our AME Day webpage.

Happy AME Day!


AME Day Sticker (sample)

Below is a sample of the 4 inch in diameter, AME Day Toolbox Sticker. 

This toolbox sticker was commissioned by the AME Association of Ontario after several other versions were distributed to the 6 Regional Associations of AMEC/TEAC. An online survey was created and distributed (thanks to Hannah D. of  PAMEA) and this design received the most votes. 

If you would like to receive one of these AME DAY toolbox stickers, please contact your regional AME Association. 

Proposed Date Poll

English Survey Results Click Here

English Polls for AME Day

French Survey Results Click Here

French Polls for AME Day

April 20  |  This is the date in 1920 when Robert McCombie was issued the first Air Engineer License.

May 24   |  This date aligns with the USA Aircraft Maintenance Day which honours Mr. Charles Taylor, who built the first aircraft engine for the Wright Brothers.

Fourth Day in May  |  This is suggested so that AME Day will always be celebrated on a Thursday.